About us
and our long history

Established in in year of 2004 in good old Germany, two guys decided to start the biggest project in human history: GNMMI. It was a major success from the start and in that time GNMMI collected a lot of their most loyal - hot looking - fans.


Click on one of the left icons to find some of our finest, hand-chosen pieces of music, some cool videos or crappy pictures and animations.

Music, which the one on soundcloud, is our main business. Never forget that.

Videos and pictures is what you need to support your cool music with visuals. You will find it on our tumblr, youtube or instagram.


Beside of music, we are developing some of the triple A titles you will not find at Steam, Origin or Uplay.

Student Simulator 2015

Schedule your everyday life as a student of a major you choose! How much time you want to spend with your friends? How much time you want to invest in your computer? All that is your choice!


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